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Who we are

Since 1971 in METALFILO we're specialized in manufacturing systems for shop fitting.

Along these years, our careful artisan dedication turned into efficiency thanks to permanent and focused investments on human resources and updated machineries that allow us to be extremely accurate and reactive on customers' demands.

These skills make us engage the challenges of the market with great availability and awareness of always improving to compete at higher levels.


In METALFILO we manufacture shop fittings for non-food shops and stores

Our main plant, is able to work metal sheets, profiles and wires with CNC and laser machineries combined with hand making centers. Our well-established satellite activities are always managed by our production department to face even the larger orders and the typical peaks of our domain.

Our Technical Department follows the maintenance of our standard range of products but, above all, looks after customization of items manufactured on our Customers' requests.

Our Logistic Department prepares the goods in the most practical and functioning way to make delivery and installation easier.


In METALFILO, we point the most important international retail brands by means of architects, contractors and shop-fitters.

The habit of this kind of partnerships allows our Customers to get the best conditions and our Company to remain focused on its quality targets.

We trust on the reactivity of our responses, on the flexibility of our brains and our hands, on the efficiency we learnt from our 45 years-experience.


Oftentimes, everyone feels able to do everything; we just want to be the most efficient and competitive in our main business and we're pleased to flank Companies that share this target with us.

Competence, flexibility and problem solving attitude will always be our added value because the quickly evolving markets look for actors able to adapt and modernize.

Research and development

Il nostro ufficio R&S lavora a stretto contatto con il reparto produttivo per avere un costante controllo della qualità dei prodotti e della realizzazione dei progetti. Ci avvaliamo dei più moderni software di disegno e di un reparto dell’Azienda dedicato alla realizzazione di prototipi e prove.


In METALFILO we understand quality as a combination of upper prime materials, accurate manufacturing and prompt service. It's not a simple logo or a symbol to make us qualitative but the care, the attention and our daily dedication for our work make us efficient and competitive.

Made in Italy

We trust in real "made in Italy" and we are honoured to be a part of an industrial district that always protect it establishing strategic operational partnerships with several factories of our region, Veneto, since forever flagship of the Italian manufacture and international benchmark for furniture industry.


L'attenta gestione delle risorse interne ed esterne, la rotazione del magazzino e la capacità di adattamento dei cicli produttivi permettono a Metalfilo di essere sempre precisa e puntuale nei confronti degli impegni presi con i Clienti.


Da sempre ci muoviamo con competenza e versatilità all’interno di una clientela specializzata nei settori moda, calzatura, profumeria, oggettistica e editoria grazie alle durature relazioni con alcuni dei principali gruppi, designers e contractors del panorama italiano ed internazionale.